Auction Services

At Maltbys, we understand the evolving needs of both buyers and sellers in today's fast-paced market.

That's why we are excited to offer our MODERN AUCTION SERVICE, a dynamic and efficient alternative solution to the way properties are sold!

What sets our modern auction service apart is the perfect blend of convenience, speed, and transparency it offers. We recognise that traditional methods of selling properties do not suit every property or circumstance. With our modern auction service, we have a streamlined process that benefits both sellers and buyers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all parties involved. In many cases property sold via our online auction exchange within 28 days.

This is a COMMISSION FREE way of selling your property within a specific time frame.

COMMISSION FREE means there is no commission or selling fee charged to sellers. We charge a reservation fee to the buyer, which covers our costs. Properties are advertised with a ‘Starting Bid’ and the auction team will agree a confidential ‘Reserve Price’ with you. The only cost you will be subject to is the preparation of the auction pack which typically costs £400 + VAT for residential property. Commercial property fees are slightly higher and are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits of our Auction Services

  • Quick sale – Using the modern method of auction can often be the quickest way to sell your property. Unlike traditional property auctions held in a room, once a legal pack has been obtained you can place the property for auction straight away without having to wait for a specific date. You can also specify a preferred date for the auction to close.
  • Unlimited potential - Unlock a whole new audience of motivated proceedable buyers who are actively looking to buy. The online auction format grabs buyers' attention and creates a sense of urgency, increasing the chances of securing a higher final sale price!
  • You're in control - Just like selling your property through private treaty, you still have the choice of choosing the right buyer to suit your requirements whether that be the highest bid or someone who has a cash offer. Throughout the process, you are in control and have the final say.
  • More security - Once a sale has been agreed, the purchaser is required to pay a non-refundable buyers reservation fee. Once this transaction has taken place, notification of sale is distributed to all relevant parties. When a buyer commits to paying the reservation fee, it indicates their genuine interest to proceed with the purchase.
  • Property sold as seen - By eliminating time spent on negotiations, enquiries, and surveys, sellers not only save time but also protect themselves from hagglers. Our transparent service allows buyers to make informed decisions and place competitive offers.

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